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What really matters in life?

Welcome to this site was created due to many requests from friends and family that were intrigued by our active, adventurous and ever changing lives. Our goal is to have a positive, uplifting website for others to enjoy. Tropic Livin was just started in August 2015, in just a few short days it had over 100 unique visitors and over 4000 hits. Thanks for being a part and stopping by.

We are a couple in our 30’s that has been together on this adventure for over 7 years now, and married for nearly 4 of them. We have both been very hard workers and enjoyed experiencing many different things that life has to offer. Life is merely a dash between to dates, so we decided to make the most of our “Dash”. Having tried the so called “American Dream” of having a house, recreational vehicle, truck, car, suv, boat, etc., we decided to try a different kind of life.

So at the end of the day what really matters in life? You decide.

Read along, stop by frequently, leave a comment or 10 and check us out on our many different social media outlets we contribute on, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ or even send us an Email. We enjoy sharing life with others and listening to their adventures as well.

Enjoy you day, week, life.

T&T in Panama (The Country, not Florida…..its in central america….yes the one with the canal)

USA to Panamá with 4 dogs

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