Coronado Bible Church Panama Coronado Mall Tropic Livin

Coronado Bible Church, Playa Coronado, Panamá

Right in the heart of Playa Coronado, Panamá is a great Church we found shortly after arriving in Central America. That is right I am writing a blog involving religion, don’t worry we will likely refrain on blogs about our opinion on Politics, as we know that is another quite touchy area. Ha Ha. I try to live a light life that is not too serious, which sometimes backfires, anyhow back to the topic at hand.

Coronado Bible Church is located in the Coronado Mall aka Super 99 (noventa nueve) shopping center on the 3rd floor (piso 2 in Panamá) directly above the Flamingo Casino. After some searching online we were able to find details on Church options in the Coronado area, as with anything in Panamá finding details or a website for business is tough.

We have been regulars for a few months now at Coronado Bible Church and have made some great new friends in the community. Coronado Bible Church is a Non-Denominational English speaking Church which we are really enjoying being part of.

Coronado Bible Church Panama Coronado Mall Tropic Livin
Coronado Bible Church Panama Coronado Sunday Service

Jon Wiziarde is the Senior Pastor at Coronado Bible Church, him his wife and several others make up the contributors. Jon is a great guy with time to converse, say hello and interact with attendees. On our first visit he gave us a warm handshake, hello and a smile, which is a fantastic way to great newcomers. Jon and his wife Susan have been a part of this Church since 2013, in 2014 he became Senior Pastor.

Services are every Sunday at 10 AM, the initial 30 minutes are a time for fellowship and socializing then at 10:30 the service begins. Typically service will begin with 3 or so songs followed by announcements and sermon. The service is typically finished around 11:30 or sooner in case you were curious.

Holiday sermons are taking place this month and have been quite enjoyable. Jon has been taking his skills in drama and performing some great educational services with dress attire and all. Yesterday he was playing the roll of Jesse the father of David (The one who took out Goliath) and he did a great job. He really grasped my attention and brought life to a very important story in the Bible that is often only focused on David and his many accomplishments as King. I am really looking forward to next Sundays performance.

Tiffany and I have attended Church on more of an occasional basis rather than regular prior to Panamá. One of the many great things that we have gained from our time in Panamá thus far is that we have become regular Church goers. I was part of a Church in California that started from Home Bible Studies and has now grown in to a 200 or so regular members. I had helped out with Sound and many other aspects their since the beginning of the Church. Many great things can be attained from the teachings of the bible including morals, principles and love for others. Some of these things I have grown better with and some still need a little more of a pounding into my head, haha.

If you are in the Playa Coronado, Panamá area I encourage stopping by for a service or two. They also have Bible Study on Wednesday evenings at 4:30 pm, this is a great time as well. Just a simple group of people learning about books of the Bible.

We had a nice Potluck the other Sunday after Service it was a great time with delicious food and desert.

Coronado Bible Church Panama Coronado Mall Tropic Livin
Coronado Bible Church Panama Coronado Mall Sunday Service Tropic Livin
Coronado Bible Church Panama Coronado Mall Tropic Livin
Coronado Bible Church Panama Coronado Potluck

Coronado Bible Church has also just added a nursery / child area for the little ones. Not positive when it will be usable but I imagine in a week or two as the walls are finished now just need to add monitors and door.

Here is an excerpt from Coronado Bible Church’s Website which you can visit by clicking here.

“We are a non-denominational English language/English speaking church serving the mountain and beach communities west of Panama City.  Being non-denominational does not mean that we stand for nothing!  Rather we have chosen to focus upon following God’s Word rather than concerning ourselves with denominational labels.  Our people come from many church backgrounds, but we are all united in lifting up Jesus who is the way, the truth, and the life. (John. 14:6)

We believe that some issues are clearly central to our faith and cannot be compromised: Jesus is God in the flesh, the absolute truth of scripture, and salvation only through Jesus.  We believe that there are many other issues of faith and practice where God’s Word provides room for various opinions (for more information, please see our Statement of Faith on this website).

Our gathering is comprised primarily of English speaking Americans, Canadians, and Panamanians.  However, as we seek to follow Jesus’ commission to go into all the world and make disciples we want to make a difference in the local Spanish speaking community in the name of Jesus.  We partner with the ANA Panama Homes for Children and Word of Life Camp as they minister to the Panamanian community.

We hope this site introduces you to a bit of the excitement we enjoy at seeing what God is doing through CBC.  You will also find sermons and the Pastor’s Corner which we pray will bless you in the name of Jesus.  Please contact us if you have any questions and join us on Sunday mornings.  May God richly bless you!”

Sunday fellowship 10:00 am service begins at 10:30

Wednesday Bible Study 4:30pm (recently changed from 4pm)



Some items on facebook and website are not up to date, they are being addressed and will be corrected soon.

Coronado Bible Church Panama Coronado Mall Tropic Livin
Coronado Bible Church Panama Coronado Mall
Coronado Bible Church Panama Coronado Mall Tropic Livin
Coronado Bible Church Panama Coronado Mall

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