Tiffany’s Thursday Tips Version 2.0 OfertaSimple Like Groupon for Panama

If you live in the US or Canada you are probably familiar with Groupon! I have been using it for many years and have bought everything from socks to vitamins, restaurant coupons and really everything in between.  Groupon doesn’t have a presence here in Panama, but they do have OfertaSimple which has some amazing deals!

OfertaSimple will have deals that include restaurants, concerts, nail and hair services, trips to local hotels. Right now they have a deal for an all inclusive resort including snacks, drinks and hotel stay for the night.

We already used it once to buy VIP concert tickets and it was very easy the night of to pick up our tickets at their booth located at the location of the concert.

How does it work?


Copy and Paste This Link:

It’s honestly really easy! Just subscribe and they will email you as new deals come up and you can buy them, share, and if your friends buy one you get credit towards buying more in the future! It’s a pretty sweet deal honestly! Once you buy a deal they will email you and you can login to your email or their website to print out the deal. You can also do this with your mobile phone, but I always print a paper copy to take with me to avoid any problems in the future!

Here is a current deal that is really worth checking out! $20 for $40 worth of food including drinks!



Here is an example of a past Oferta for an amazing resort here in Panama!



BONUS NOTE: Their website is fully in English!!






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