Motard Supermoto Scooter Coronado Playa Panama Kartodromo

Scooter and Motorcycle racing in Coronado Panama

We are always looking for different things to do rather than the typical tourist or expat things. So we had stumbled across some photos and heard about the Kart track in Coronado. Finding this track was not the simplest task, we found it on the second attempt as it is down a dirt road on a ranch behind a gate which is only open on race or practice days.

So we made it to Kartodromo De Coronado on the race day, the admission was only $5 each. When we arrived there was quite a few people in attendance, we found that beers were only $2 each, so why not partake. The spectator area is basically the pits as well so it is a very interactive event being able to get up close with all the scooters and motorcycles. We really enjoyed getting the see the machines up close.

After being there for a bit a large group of street bikes arrived and really added some excitement to the event. There was several individual having fun in the pits and parking area showing off tricks and testing equipment, quite entertaining. They had a couple food vendors there including a food truck named WhatDaFork which had great food that we enjoyed including fries and fried cheese sticks, yum.

Just a short while after being there we witnessed some scooter spills from sliding out in the turns and another trying to short cut on the inside where the bumps are. We had a great time and spent several hours spectating here. We met several other companies in attendance like 507 Extremo and Polaris of Panama some great people full of information and excitement.

We highly recommend exploring this and other not typical events while visiting or residing in Panama. We took lots of pictures and videos, be sure to check them out.

Todd & Tiffany


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