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Beach Business Network Happy Hour-December 2015

Just wanted to write a quick article to send a big thanks to everyone that came out and saw us at the Beach Business Network Happy Hour! Our gratitude to George Stumpp from BluWater Bistro for hosting and offering Happy Hour drink and food specials.


There were many vendors and businesses in attendance including $199 Websites, Melody’s Garden, Win Trading Signals, R&B SUP, That’s Why Panama, Bob Hislop Photography, Cafe De Mi Tierra Coffee Co., Backe Financial, Waiara Jewelry and Creations, along with many others!

A great time was had by all! Thanks and look forward to the next one!

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Coronado Bible Church, Playa Coronado, Panamá

Right in the heart of Playa Coronado, Panamá is a great Church we found shortly after arriving in Central America. That is right I am writing a blog involving religion, don’t worry we will likely refrain on blogs about our opinion on Politics, as we know that is another quite touchy area. Ha Ha. I try to live a light life that is not too serious, which sometimes backfires, anyhow back to the topic at hand.

Coronado Bible Church is located in the Coronado Mall aka Super 99 (noventa nueve) shopping center on the 3rd floor (piso 2 in Panamá) directly above the Flamingo Casino. After some searching online we were able to find details on Church options in the Coronado area, as with anything in Panamá finding details or a website for business is tough.

We have been regulars for a few months now at Coronado Bible Church and have made some great new friends in the community. Coronado Bible Church is a Non-Denominational English speaking Church which we are really enjoying being part of.

Coronado Bible Church Panama Coronado Mall Tropic Livin
Coronado Bible Church Panama Coronado Sunday Service

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Panama Motorshow 2015 Atlapa Convention Center

We just went to the Panama Motorshow yesterday evening at the Atlapa Convention Center in Panama City.  This is the largest car show of the year and a common place for many to purchase vehicles as well, which is new to us. The auto shows in the United States are just that a Show, you are not able to purchase vehicles at these shows. Tiffany noticed this right away when we walked in the show to the Kia display of all white vehicles and a ton of people speaking with the Kia representatives and doing paperwork. So we asked a guy and he confirmed what she saw, they are buying vehicles, strange. We took a bunch of photos so check’em out.

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Panama Motorshow 2015 Atlapa Convention Center

Panama Motorshow 2015 Tropiclivin.com
Panama Motorshow 2015 Tropiclivin.com

The show is Called Panama Motorshow 2015 it is located at Atlapa Convention Center in Panama City, Panam Republic. It is open Monday – Friday from 4 pm to 9 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 2 pm to 10 pm.

TL Motorshow collage

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Extreme Triathlon is Right!!!

coronado extreme triathlon 2015
coronado extreme triathlon 2015

Well I stuck with the just saying “Yes” plan that a new friend of ours recommended, which coincided nicely with our Panama change of life plan, and I decided to do a Triathlon. Again this is nothing I would have ever considered in California on the contrary, I would make fun of the people doing them including the cute bicycle shorts. However I entered it and said lets do it and never looked back.

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