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More than just the Canal…The Panamanian ports are the most efficient

Panama has the most efficient ports in Central America, with a combination of the shortest turn-around time and the second-lowest cost of procedures, according to Doing Business of the World Bank.

Customs and other documentation cost $720, while the average time spent by ships in the ports of Balboa and Colón is 31 hours.

The cost of documentation in El Salvador’s Port Union is only $610; however, docking time is 51 hours.

The average docking time in the Costa Rican ports of Moin & Caldera is lower than in El Salvador, but formalities cost $1,027.

Puerto Cortés of Honduras is the least efficient in both categories, charging $1,839, with an average wait time of eight days (the ranking includes the total cost to the carrier, taking into account formalities and time value).

Ports In Ranking Order:

1             Panama

2             El Salvador

3             Costa Rica

4             Guatemala

5             Nicaragua

6             Honduras

Original Article Link:  http://centralamericalink.com/en/Rankings/Panamanian_ports_are_efficient/

It’s All About the Agua!! How Safe is the Water, Really?

After now living here for 4 months its safe to say that we have a pretty good idea of how safe the food and water is! I am a big blogger and fan of groups on Facebook. One of the groups that I check in on daily always has questions about living and moving to Panama.  A post just came up asking about the water and food, and was it safe to eat and drink here. The answer is very much YES!!

The community that we live in is lucky to be supplied by well water. It’s so fresh and pure and tastes great. Some other communities are supplied by IDAAN which is the water service for the whole country of Panama. They might have some issues with water if they have old pipes, or a leak in the system but that could happen in the USA or Canada.



Staying Healthy Tips:

Travelers in Panama should have no problem staying healthy, as

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Panama Motorshow 2015 Atlapa Convention Center

We just went to the Panama Motorshow yesterday evening at the Atlapa Convention Center in Panama City.  This is the largest car show of the year and a common place for many to purchase vehicles as well, which is new to us. The auto shows in the United States are just that a Show, you are not able to purchase vehicles at these shows. Tiffany noticed this right away when we walked in the show to the Kia display of all white vehicles and a ton of people speaking with the Kia representatives and doing paperwork. So we asked a guy and he confirmed what she saw, they are buying vehicles, strange. We took a bunch of photos so check’em out.

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Panama Motorshow 2015 Atlapa Convention Center

Panama Motorshow 2015 Tropiclivin.com
Panama Motorshow 2015 Tropiclivin.com

The show is Called Panama Motorshow 2015 it is located at Atlapa Convention Center in Panama City, Panam Republic. It is open Monday – Friday from 4 pm to 9 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 2 pm to 10 pm.

TL Motorshow collage

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