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Bucket Lists For 2016 Instead of Resolutions

For 2016 Todd and I have decided that we would rather put together a list of amazing things we want to do during the year instead of things we want to not do, change or improve.

2015 was a big year for us! We sold everything that we owned and moved here to Panama. That will probably be hard to top for the rest of our lives, but we will keep trying.

So what do you add to a bucket list when you live in Panama? This country is so full of amazing places, locations and things to do.  Here is a Top 10 Bucket List Items in Panama. Some we have already done, but wanted to create a list for others so you can add them to your bucket list!

Top 10 Panama Destinations 

  1. Bocas Del Toro
  2. Pearl Islands-Contadora Island, Mogo Mogo, Taboga, Isla Del Rey 
  3. San Blas Islands 
  4. Gamboa Rainforest 
  5. El Valle De Anton 
  6. Boquete 
  7. Panama Canal & Locks 
  8. Panama City-Casco Viejo, Panama Viejo, Ancon Hill, Amador Causeway, Fish Market, Albrook Mall
  9. Colon Free Trade Zone 
  10. Isla Coiba 
Ancon Hill
Ancon Hill View of the City
Bocas Del Toro
Bocas Del Toro-Hotels located on the water

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Burning Of the Judas Dolls or “Muñecos de año Viejo” (Dolls of the old year)

Shortly before Christmas, dolls that resemble politicians, movie stars and even hoodlums appear along the Interamerican Highway from Capira to San Carlos in the Panama West province. These curious effigies disappear just as quickly on December 31, when they are burned at midnight.

They are called “Judas dolls” and represent the year that comes to an end. This somewhat bizarre tradition exercises in one big bonfire the baggage of the year that finishes. These dolls are usually made with old clothes and filled with straw or dry leaves, wood shavings and other materials. They are very similar to scarecrows. The tradition’s origin is unknown, but some said that started as a joke among the San Carlos’ residents.

The majority of these dolls have a skeleton made of wood or metal pipes. To make the combustion process more dramatic the Judases also have fireworks inside. For the head several types of materials are used such as coconuts, pumpkin, paper bags and even cans.

Although most of the Judas dolls are very simple, there are very creative and talented people around who manage to make their Judas have such likeness to their real life model that it is uncanny. The artist selects the most remarkable person of the year, being good or bad to represent the year.

The creation of a Judas can take 10 hours and cost between $30 and $50. Families and neighbors get together to make them. However, there are some artisans that are particularly good at their trade and sell their Judas dolls for up to $100, for the majority the creations are just a bit of fun.

This tradition is so popular that a competition between the communities of Chame and San Carlos takes place every year and on Monday, December 30 at the Jardin Popular of Sajalices in Chame, 4:00 p.m. the maker of the best Judas could win $300.

Burning a Judas is certainly a different way to welcome the New Year.

Jose Raul Mulino Public Security Minister of Panama From 2010-2014
Juan Carlos Varela Commander-in-Chief of the Panamanian Public Forces and Former President Ricardo Alberto Martinelli Berrocal
Jose Raul Mulino Public Security Minister of Panama From 2010-2014
This one isn’t Panamanian!! It’s Steve Harvey apologizing for his error at the Miss Universe Pageant
A random group of Judas dolls including Ron Weasley which a character from Harry Potter movies
Rodolfo Aguilera Minister of Public Security
El Chapo Joaquin Guzman a Mexican Drug lord