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Beach Business Network Happy Hour-December 2015

Just wanted to write a quick article to send a big thanks to everyone that came out and saw us at the Beach Business Network Happy Hour! Our gratitude to George Stumpp from BluWater Bistro for hosting and offering Happy Hour drink and food specials.


There were many vendors and businesses in attendance including $199 Websites, Melody’s Garden, Win Trading Signals, R&B SUP, That’s Why Panama, Bob Hislop Photography, Cafe De Mi Tierra Coffee Co., Backe Financial, Waiara Jewelry and Creations, along with many others!

A great time was had by all! Thanks and look forward to the next one!

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Tiffany’s Thursday Tips Version 2.0 OfertaSimple Like Groupon for Panama

If you live in the US or Canada you are probably familiar with Groupon! I have been using it for many years and have bought everything from socks to vitamins, restaurant coupons and really everything in between.  Groupon doesn’t have a presence here in Panama, but they do have OfertaSimple which has some amazing deals!

OfertaSimple will have deals that include restaurants, concerts, nail and hair services, trips to local hotels. Right now they have a deal for an all inclusive resort including snacks, drinks and hotel stay for the night.

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