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It’s Not All Sunshine and Happiness

Moving to “paradise” sometimes isn’t always as amazing as you might expect it to be. Rather the process takes 2 months or two years, uprooting your whole life is never easy. We humans are creatures of habit and find comfort in places, people, things, weather, traffic, etc. Rather its a positive or a negative, what you experience everyday in your life makes up who you are. When all of that goes away or changes, it can be very hard. For me it has been a very tough journey from the move all way to being here in Panama, and now moved in to our new home.

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The voyage for the Beagles July 16th 2015

Panama City trip in the morning
Driving to Panama City

Again we had hear horror stories about the traffic going to the city so we planned an early start. People said leave by 4 am which I thought was insane, so we left around 5:30 am and let me tell you ……it’s no joke! They have one main road in and out of the city so it’s a ZOO!

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Welcome to Tropic Livin

San Carlos Beach Panama
San Carlos Beach Panama

Enjoy the adventures of a couple that have spent all of their lives in Southern California and then decided to sell everything and go live in Panama Central America.

This site was just started on 8/24/2015, we have been here in Panama for almost 6 weeks now. Stay tuned for our many adventures we have already experienced, we will be posting rapidly.

Have a great day and enjoy your life to the fullest.

T&T in Panama