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Youth Surfing Competition Super Deportes Cup

Isla Colón – Bocas Del Toro another year of the circuit and infant dst surf
Young Surfers, prepare for another exciting year dst since this 16 and 17 January els and cos presented the boot of the circuit dst drink super sports in thy point – Colón Island Province of Bocas Del Toro.
The categories to compete are: Sub 8, Sub10, Sub12, Girls Sub12, Sub 14, sub16 ladies, and sub16 sub18. each category has a cost of (b /. 20.00 that must be cancelled before entering the water.
The Inscriptions can make them from already writing to info@dst.com.pa your name, age, date of birth and category to compete.
We are grateful for in this first valid that all competitors carry a copy of your birth certificate.
In order to stay informed of dates yet dst, news, surf school and the surfcamp just need to visit the facebook surfing “discovering talents”, Twitter: @Dsurferstalents or Instagram: Dsurferstalents.
Event supported by the panamanian surf association and sponsored by: Els educational services, cos, Super Sports, thy point, hotel limbo, Mr. Mentawai, mouths, Bamboo, municipality of Bocas Del Toro, sushi express, Reef, surf boards, surf banzaii Panama, sequence, xtrema riande airport, origin balance, radio mix, blast, PRC Radio, Hot Panama, paseotablado. Com, Ocean potion, pure water, super toldas, pandeportes and events top-Panama.

Bucket Lists For 2016 Instead of Resolutions

For 2016 Todd and I have decided that we would rather put together a list of amazing things we want to do during the year instead of things we want to not do, change or improve.

2015 was a big year for us! We sold everything that we owned and moved here to Panama. That will probably be hard to top for the rest of our lives, but we will keep trying.

So what do you add to a bucket list when you live in Panama? This country is so full of amazing places, locations and things to do.  Here is a Top 10 Bucket List Items in Panama. Some we have already done, but wanted to create a list for others so you can add them to your bucket list!

Top 10 Panama Destinations 

  1. Bocas Del Toro
  2. Pearl Islands-Contadora Island, Mogo Mogo, Taboga, Isla Del Rey 
  3. San Blas Islands 
  4. Gamboa Rainforest 
  5. El Valle De Anton 
  6. Boquete 
  7. Panama Canal & Locks 
  8. Panama City-Casco Viejo, Panama Viejo, Ancon Hill, Amador Causeway, Fish Market, Albrook Mall
  9. Colon Free Trade Zone 
  10. Isla Coiba 
Ancon Hill
Ancon Hill View of the City
Bocas Del Toro
Bocas Del Toro-Hotels located on the water

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