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The voyage for the Beagles July 16th 2015

Panama City trip in the morning
Driving to Panama City

Again we had hear horror stories about the traffic going to the city so we planned an early start. People said leave by 4 am which I thought was insane, so we left around 5:30 am and let me tell you ……it’s no joke! They have one main road in and out of the city so it’s a ZOO!

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Day 2 in Panama…..Must buy SUV to P/U Dogs on day 3 (No Pressure)

After a nice long sleep we got on our phones trying to find a car to buy. We needed something to pick the four dogs plus their crates up at the airport the following day, so it was the only task for the day. The termperature all day was very high around 34 Celsius and the humidity was high! You cannot really prepare for what its going to really be like, but I might compare it to a steam/sauna, hot moist and you can’t get away from it!

It gets REAL! Leaving California arriving in Panama.

The start of our adventure July 13, 2015 through July 14th “The day that never ended”.

LAX to Mexico City to Panama
Getting ready for the adventure of our life.

Deciding to move to Panama was easy, the act of getting there was going to be much more complicated. We knew that our 4 dogs were going to make the move with us, but we had no idea how to make it happen. After doing a little research online we found Panama Pet Relocation, a company that specializes in Pet Transport to and from the U.S. and Latin America.  Once we hammered out all the details is was going to cost us $6000 US dollars to transport them, including the paperwork for customs & immigration. This number was no easy pill to swallow at $1500 per dog!! So, instead we started considering our options.

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