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Extreme Triathlon is Right!!!

coronado extreme triathlon 2015
coronado extreme triathlon 2015

Well I stuck with the just saying “Yes” plan that a new friend of ours recommended, which coincided nicely with our Panama change of life plan, and I decided to do a Triathlon. Again this is nothing I would have ever considered in California on the contrary, I would make fun of the people doing them including the cute bicycle shorts. However I entered it and said lets do it and never looked back.

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Oh boy, Triathlon is Tomorrow

Coronado Extreme Triathlon

Coronado Triatlon Extrime 2015
The oldest triathlon in Panama right in Coronado

Ok, so part of our decision to move to Panama was to try new things in life.

Well about 5 weeks ago we were at dinner with a group of new friends, one said. “hey why don’t you two join us for a swim in the ocean tomorrow morning?”. Well this was training for the upcoming triathlon. Tiffany responded, “Well if Todd is up for it.”, my response was “Well I am not going to say no, lets do it.” and all of a sudden we are swimming the next morning.

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Welcome to Tropic Livin

San Carlos Beach Panama
San Carlos Beach Panama

Enjoy the adventures of a couple that have spent all of their lives in Southern California and then decided to sell everything and go live in Panama Central America.

This site was just started on 8/24/2015, we have been here in Panama for almost 6 weeks now. Stay tuned for our many adventures we have already experienced, we will be posting rapidly.

Have a great day and enjoy your life to the fullest.

T&T in Panama