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SO Why Panama? Playa Coronado Tops The Charts!

There were many deciding factors behind our move to Panama! Many of them including weather, monetary system, Spanish language, location,  beaches and others!


Part of what lead to our final decision to move here was the decision by so many others over the last few years. Panama and the beaches area where we are located has become a huge hotspot for retirees and expats from American and Canada.


In a 2013 article Yahoo Finance named Coronado Beach Panama as one of their top 5 World’s Best Beach cities for retirement.

Coronado, a fast-growing beachfront community about an hour outside Panama City, Panama, offers a high-quality beach lifestyle with all the amenities and services a retiree could want. Historically, this coastal town has been a top weekend getaway choice among residents of nearby Panama City. Over the past half-dozen years, Coronado has developed into a busy commercial center that makes for a turn-key retirement choice. It is evolving into a full-fledged retirement destination with an established population of full-time foreign residents supported by a developed infrastructure, including good medical facilities. Source :Yahoo Finance


When deciding where to move or live make sure you do your research! Aside from actually traveling to Panama we did a TON of homework on our future home. Blogs, books, travel blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook, etc! We checked it all out, but I would recommend that you physically go to the place that you are considering moving to before you make the move! It might save you time, money and heartache!





Coronado Bible Church, Playa Coronado, Panamá

Right in the heart of Playa Coronado, Panamá is a great Church we found shortly after arriving in Central America. That is right I am writing a blog involving religion, don’t worry we will likely refrain on blogs about our opinion on Politics, as we know that is another quite touchy area. Ha Ha. I try to live a light life that is not too serious, which sometimes backfires, anyhow back to the topic at hand.

Coronado Bible Church is located in the Coronado Mall aka Super 99 (noventa nueve) shopping center on the 3rd floor (piso 2 in Panamá) directly above the Flamingo Casino. After some searching online we were able to find details on Church options in the Coronado area, as with anything in Panamá finding details or a website for business is tough.

We have been regulars for a few months now at Coronado Bible Church and have made some great new friends in the community. Coronado Bible Church is a Non-Denominational English speaking Church which we are really enjoying being part of.

Coronado Bible Church Panama Coronado Mall Tropic Livin
Coronado Bible Church Panama Coronado Sunday Service

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Motorcycle & Scooter Races in Playa Coronado, Panamá at Pista Coronado this Sunday the 11th of November

Yes that is right, Motorcycle Motard and Scooter Races right here in Playa Coronado, Panamá. A great little spot to enjoy your Sunday and watch some incredible races and entertainment. This beautiful track will be loaded with people here to enjoy the Gran Final (Last Race of the year) it should be very competitive.

Video of highlights and crashes at last two races below

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Panama Motorshow 2015 Atlapa Convention Center

We just went to the Panama Motorshow yesterday evening at the Atlapa Convention Center in Panama City.  This is the largest car show of the year and a common place for many to purchase vehicles as well, which is new to us. The auto shows in the United States are just that a Show, you are not able to purchase vehicles at these shows. Tiffany noticed this right away when we walked in the show to the Kia display of all white vehicles and a ton of people speaking with the Kia representatives and doing paperwork. So we asked a guy and he confirmed what she saw, they are buying vehicles, strange. We took a bunch of photos so check’em out.

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Isla Contadora Pearl Islands Panama and Survivor Island

We just got back from a mini-vacation to Isla Contadora in the Pearl Islands. The Pearl Islands are a group of over 200 islands and islets located about 30 miles from Panama and stretching out south away from the main isthmus in the Gulf of Panama. We stayed at a comfortable B&B on Isla Contadora which is the most notable island in the group mostly because of its resorts, large homes, airport and white sand beaches. Contadora earned its named because the Spanish used to stop on the island to “count” their inventory of pearls prior to returning to Spain. Contador means counter in the Spanish Language. Tons of photos as well.

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