Coronado, Panama…..Not To Be Confused With San Diego

Back in the 1940s, Coronado was just a few sleepy ranches alongside an unspoiled stretch of blue Pacific and black-and-white speckled beaches. However, Coronado is now a highly popular beach town on the Pacific coast of Panama.

Located an hour from Panama City, it is on the ‘Arco Seco’ (‘dry arch’) stretch of coastline, so named because of the remarkably low rainfall it receives each year.

For years Coronado has been a getaway for Panamanians in need of a sun-soaked, beach break but recently it has flourished thanks to a thriving expat community that is growing here all the time.

Coronado is one of the more developed beach resorts along the Pacific coast. It caters for most First World needs and living here you can still enjoy many—if not all—the conveniences of life back home…except at a reduced price.

Often regarded as the epicentre of beach life in Panama, property here is affordable and infrastructure is already in place.

There is a Country Club, several full-scale supermarkets, a golf course, a mall, and numerous leisure amenities that you can enjoy and expats report their cost of living is about $1,500 a month for a couple (results may vary here, this is what is reported).  Coronado Beaches



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